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Our Concept

Why name TimeYantra.Com?

Yantra is a sanskrit word for ‘machine’. Time Yantra is not a vehicle using which you can move between different points in time but it is definite that TimeYantra.Com will allow you to keep up with time and let you go ahead of competition and help you to survive in this competitive world.


What comes in your mind when we say ‘Time’ – Time for your last train, Time at which your fast over, Time at which your exam starts, Time at which your favorite program starts, Time at which government office open(s)-closes, Time at which you enjoy a office holiday and Time at which your favourite opens or closes. There is no single thing which does not involve a time.

When one enters this world, there is a time of birth which has a significant importance. The same importance is also attached when one leaves this world. One spends their present time, thinking of their future time which eventually becomes the time of their past.

Core Concept

TimeYantra.Com is a web service where you will get all information related to time which will save your time in daily routine. Being with time or going ahead of time should not be a difficult. That is why we have developed TimeYantra.Com for you – our free online shareable world timeline system. Going beyond this, TimeYantra.Com helps you in important milestone of your education, career, business, sports, food, traveling and health care.

Currently TimeYantra.Com is the website for viewing current opening hours of shops, businesses and places in all over the world. You can also find us at all Sunday shopping, furniture malls and shopping centers in your area.

Be a part of our free on line shareable world timeline system.

TimeYantra.Com! Be with time be with change.

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